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Fully Committed Disciples

The call of Jesus is crystal clear. His call was not simply to make converts, make moral improvements, make better citizens or to make people more religious. His call was to make fully committed disciples. It is time to be done with half-heartedness, going through the motions, and attempting to play the part. God’s plan is not a silly hybrid of blending some of Him, some of society, with a mix of our own ideas. God’s plan is for a people that will passionately and obediently follow Him, fully committed.

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"Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit…"

Current Message:

You’ll Get Through This – Week 2

Pastor Derry and Pastor Tim take time to talk through their personal reflections on the life of Joseph and how our Battle Cry is speaking to them. Then, Tim takes time to share some extra thoughts that didn’t quite make it into the message last Sunday, and they are powerful.  As mentioned, here is Tim’s “Creed of Royalty” he put together to be reminded who he is:

I am a son

of God Almighty, the Father.

He desires to love me, pour out His blessings on me, and give me more than I can contain.

I become more like my Father when I meditate on the things of God and dream His dreams.

He has forgiven me and has given me the power to forgive.  My Father’s kingdom is not a  performance-based kingdom. I cannot earn His love; He loves me freely.


When I focus on His truths, the Holy Spirit empowers me.

As a prince in my Father’s kingdom,  I will focus on who I  am called to be.  Jesus Christ is my defender. The enemy has been defeated. Death has lost its power.  Jesus is King.  All hail King Jesus for He is faithful and true.


Through the blood of Jesus I can live in freedom and forgiveness as if I have never sinned.  I do not have to think about darkness, discouragement or failure.  My Father finds me good enough through the blood of Jesus.

My God will never leave or forsake me.  I did not receive a spirit that makes me a slave again to fear, but I received the Spirit of sonship. Nothing will be able to separate me from the Love of God that is in Christ Jesus my Lord.


Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom and I belong with the Spirit.  I am valuable.  I am good enough. I am truly, deeply loved by my Father.  I will spend eternity with Him for He is mine and I am His.

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